Saturday, 30 April 2011

Easter Week's Round Up

As T is getting older, gaining understanding and motor skills as well as a longer attention span, I’ve thought it was about time to start giving a bit of planning structure to his weeks, for his benefit and my sanity. I went shopping for craft supplies and found loads of good stuff. (The Works is my favourite place.) I also printed out some colouring sheets from sparklebox (I love that website, it has loads of brilliant resources.)
It was our first week with a theme. I decided on Easter for obvious reasons. I’m not too religious and he’s a little to young to gain anything from bible stories so we did a more secular Easter (bunnies, eggs, etc.) My plan went a little like: Craft, playdough, colour, paint, investigate. We have spent most days in the garden as the weather has been so lovely which made clean up easy peasy. We painted/coloured/collaged a big cardboard standy up egg thingy. There were two pieces, I did one and T did the other, it was about 4 days worth work as he will focus for about a minute at a time for craft. (no pictures of egg standing up as T sat on my piece and bent it, big meanie.)

Front                                                                                       Back

                                                                Showing off his painting skills 
He also coloured in some cards to give to Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Liv and Uncle Row (which I forgot to give to them...)
Bunny card
I then had a search for chicks hatching. I found a lovely one, it explained what was happening and had a nice song to it but didn't have anything yucky or gory. Chick Video T seemed to enjoyed it.
As T doesn’t eat chocolate, no egg for him but I got him some mini Easter plushies: a bunny, a chick and a lamb. They're from Matalan.

Then when I was in Tesco I saw some super cute plastic Easter cookie cutters, I got two sets, one for T's playdough and one for cooking. (no pictures) I then found some Easter toddler cutlery so I got T a set.
I only got a picture of the ends with pictures on but it was a spoon, knife and fork set.
We did spring cleaning on Friday and Saturday, this is T’s idea of help:
Clearing out all the shoes :)
He also fluffed pillows (whacking the sofa) cleaned/dusted/polished. (wiped at everything with a paper towel)

My week round up is a week late but ah well. I will get better at posting regularly, I promise!

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