Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Hi everyone who might be stumbling upon this blog.

My name is Tamsin, I'm 18 and I have a 16 month old son, I call him 'T' for bloggin purposes :)
This blog is about my life, me being a mum and also about T.

So, Yes, I'm a teenage mum. I was 16 when I fell pregnant and I hadn't been with the father very long. I’m no longer with my son’s father, we don’t get on very well and he isn't on the scene. I don’t have many GCSEs or a job.
But: I breast fed for the first 6 months. I don’t do drugs and I very rarely drink or smoke. T doesn’t eat rubbish: nothing artificial, no added salt, no sugar and loads of fruits and veggies. I try teach him as much as I can, do different activities with him ect. I went to college to redo my English GCSE and I’m trying to get into college on a full time course so I can have a career. (mini rant of trying to prove somthing to nobody, apologies.)
I’m trying not to be a statistic or a stereotype. I might be a bit different to a stereotypical mum but I’m the best mum I can be, being mummy, my way.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I'll be posting regularly on motherhood, child rearing, cooking, and anything else that comes to mind. Thanks for reading!


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