Wednesday, 27 April 2011

MTM Royal Wedding :)

This week our theme is The Royal Wedding

T had muffin tin pudding in a heart shaped silicon ice cube tray. (I bought it to cook with so I say it's a muffin tin) I did red, white and blue (colours of the Union Jack)

 Lunch: heart shaped mini ham and cheese muffin pizzas

MTM, Pudding: banana, blueberries, strawberry, banana,
blueberries, strawberry, yoghurt x3, mini apple cornbread muffin

 Tucking in :) 
T normally uses his spoon for yoghurt but decided not to today. He then took most of the fruit shoved it in the yoghurt and finally started using the spoon to retrieve the fruit.

He then had strawberries in a chicken muffin cup after his dinner. T was so excited by the muffin cup, he slid it round his tray whilst quacking, so cute. I don't think he noticed the strawberries till I took one out for him.

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  1. He keeps quacking everytime he sees them! It's now his favourite way to eat :)