Saturday, 30 April 2011

Knitted Royal Wedding (aka My Grandma is awesome)

My Grandma is an amazing crafter so when my sister and I saw this book we thought of her. We bought it for her about 2 weeks before The Royal Wedding and jokingly told her that she had to make them by the 29th. Well guess what? She did!

Most of them don't have faces or hair as unfortunetly she didn't have time for that before the wedding but she's going to add them later.
 Group Shot
 The corgies are my favourites
 It's all guess work with the men so I think this is Prince Philip.
 The Queen
 Harry or Charles or William?
 Arch Bishop of Canterbury
 Harry or Charles or William?
Harry or Charles or William?

As you may have notice their is no Camilla, Grandma didn't make her as she doesn't like her and so decided she wasn't going to the knitted royal wedding.  (that made me laugh)

I think I might buy her this and this next (haha, my poor Grandma)

I hope you are all impressed with my Grandma's mad knitting skills!

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