Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mondays Bento

For a little while now I've loved the whole concept of bento but never really had the time or reason to make them for myself.
Since T's been eating 'proper' food I've been giving him bentos often for lunch when we're out. If you've never heard of bentos there's some info about them here.
I like to keep food fun for him even though he's a really good eater (there's not a lot he won't eat)
On Monday I knew we'd be out so I thought T might enjoy a bento for his lunch.

It has a bit of a star theme going on...
Cucumber and peppers. Cream cheese sandwiches with cheddar cheese underneath.
Apple stars with banana chips and raisins

Yum yum :)

He ate most of it but he still can't manage the apple or pepper too well.

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